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With the end to a busy wedding season drawing near, my heart and hard drives are full. From a cross country move to sticking with the decision to rise before the sun does and get in work at the start of my day, I’m making the decision to redefine success as life changes.

This season has taught me that out of all the things that can’t be controlled, the one that can is the will to keep trying. As a creative, this is easy to say but often intimidating to see through. With so many other great photographers out there, you may wonder how you stand out in the crowd? I’m here to tell you that just being yourself sets you apart. Every experience shapes how we share love and are better equipped to serve others.

That harsh midday light, it’s yours to harness or let get the best of you. Balancing the need to update your website, social media accounts and keep an organized inbox? Take it one task at one time and batch your work days! Difficult is by no means impossible, but that doesn’t mean it may not feel like it. I want you to know you aren’t alone in your journey. We may be at different places in our careers as photographers, but we’ve all started (and all face similar challenges along the way!) So let’s be better, together.

“You’ve got tot learn to be a light, not a flicker…but one of those lanterns they place on the tops of hills to guide others.” -Hannah Brencher


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