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It wasn’t so long ago I was sipping on Seattle coffee in Georgia, dreaming of what life would hold once my love and I (along with our fur family!) traveled back home to the PNW.

I dreamt of all the places we’d adventure to, the people I’d meet through photography, the beautiful days I would get to be apart of, the stories I’d help tell. I also dreamt of finding other creative souls to learn from and grow with.

A little under 3,000 miles away was this community called Made to Create Pacific Northwest. I loved everything about their mission and the hearts behind it. They embodied encouragement through every beautiful photograph.

Then I got the chance to be a part of the community. Here are a few photographs from this fall’s film basics class: It gave me the opportunity to play with sun flare and focal points on a 35mm camera, break the rules, laugh a lot, shoot for me & fall in love with the process all over again.

P.S. This last frame was an accidental triple exposure, which I kind of love! Special thank you to Joe and Patience for leading this incredible class!

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