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In times filled with information-saturation, it can be hard to find your voice and build a brand that speaks to it. But with every experience offering the chance to learn, our talents and the way we serve others are refined along the way. After all, business is really just offering gifts to the people who need them! Here’s a guide to discover those gifts and building a brand voice: 

Problem you solve

Photographer Example: I help couples relive the best times each time they pick up a photograph. 
Designer Example: I create custom artwork, most often signage and event invitation suites. 
Stylist Example: My team and I style hair & makeup in our studio and on-location. 

Experience that led you to it

Photographer Example: The desire to hold on to feelings of togetherness during days spent apart from my husband. Photographs are a favorite way to keep connected. 
Designer Example: Always doodling, I found myself saying yes to every friend and family member’s commission, spending evenings creating after clocking out of my day job. Once I built a client base and various income streams with this skill, I was able to step out of the office and into my business full-time. 
Stylist Example: Even as an industry pro, finding the right hair and makeup artists for my own wedding day was stressful! This experience inspired me to bring together a team with unique specialties to offer full-service styling under one company. 

How you uniquely solve it

Photographer Example: By creating reminders of love through photographs & client gifts that continue to celebrate the greatest promise I’ve come to know. 
Designer Example: By hand addressing invitations I make every guest feel like a VIP, strengthening relationships between clients and their community. 
Stylist Example: By gathering style hopes and dreams through the first step in communication, we match you with a stylist and introduce you to the day-of team. From there we plan your studio trial to get it all just right! Come wedding day you’ll know just what to expect and feel all the more confident for it. 

Who you help

Photographer Example: Couples whose weddings are held close to home in the Pacific Northwest (and the destinations love takes them!) 
Designer Example: Although I come alongside others to celebrate almost any life event, I specialize in design for weddings. 
Stylist Example: Couples in search of complete hair and makeup services for themselves + wedding party in and around the Pacific Northwest. 

With every element, you’re building a brand voice

Photographer Example: “As a PNW based wedding photographer, I serve couples wherever love finds them. My husband and I moved across the country & back during our first years of marriage, spending much time apart. Photographs became a way to feel together despite any distance. I’m comfortable making plans and changing them, always finding ways to celebrate along the way! As a photographer I create connection through light-filled reminders of love.” 
Designer Example: “Offering thoughtful touches through sourcing and hand painted design, I create event signage and invitations. It all started with serving friends and family after work hours and grew into a full-time business! Coming alongside others to create in anticipation of life’s greatest moments is inspiring work, but seeing how it goes on to make others feel is a joy all in its own.” 
Stylist Example: “Owner of a traveling hair & makeup professional company, my team’s diverse skills bring added beauty to weddings across the PNW! Fueled by the desire to instill confidence vs. stress, we pair you with stylists who can bring your vision to life (and have you feeling your best!) A studio trial is included with every offering to ensure you love your look.” 

By writing out your examples with this guide as a template, you’ll begin to build a brand voice all your own. Adding something to the world only you can!

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos

Building A Brand Voice-A Guide By PNW Wedding Photographer Something Minted

Take the brand voice quiz or share this guide with someone beginning a business, or pivoting to offer different services. A little encouragement goes a long way!

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